Fresh veg from the market

For my first post, I would like to present to you the stars of my cooking: all of these fruits and vegetables!

I went to the market on Holloway Road today and compared to supermarkets, it is alarmingly inexpensive to buy really good quality fruit and vegetables. This is particularly good, as it means I have the opportunity to experiment more with produce that I would usually be less likely to buy larger quantities of due to the price (avocados, for instance).

My favourite way to cook is to buy first and think about what to make from it later. I much prefer to see what I have in the kitchen and have a think about what could go together nicely than precisely follow a recipe. Of course, this doesn’t always work but it is a good way to make a recipe your own. I love going through cook books and blogs for inspiration, and hope this blog will inspire you to try new things too.

So, this isn’t as seasonal as it could be, but the peppers are wonderful and also I wanted to make a spiced tomato, carrot and pepper soup for this blog. I have now made this, along with a spicy pasta bake sauce which I will share the recipe for shortly!


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